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         Daniel Hand Vibe would like to give a huge thank you to all of the groups who competed in our 3rd annual Connecticut Classic. All of the groups were incredibly respectful, thoughtful, and talented. We are so excited to be preparing for our 4th Annual competition!

CTClassic 2019 will take place on

March 2nd, 2019!


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I just got back from judging the CTClassic last weekend. What an amazing competition. Being a part of the CTClassic was incredible. What I believe sets this competition apart from others is the upbeat, cooperative and enthusiastic spirit of the Daniel Hand parents, students, and community! While the competition was fierce, the sportsmanship among groups was second to none, which I believe is due to highly administrative, organized, accommodating, and supportive Daniel Hand parent volunteers/staff. All this coupled with the gorgeous coastal towns of CT and proximity to NYC make the CT Classic a great destination competition! I can’t recommend this high quality, well run competition enough! Thanks Ron Soja and Greg Bubba Bussiere for having me. What an honor to be a part of this. Heather Bays

CTC 2017 Judge

“Vibe’s Festival is one of the most fun weekends in the North East!  The competition is first-rate and the focus is on setting the kids up for success.  The mechanics are smooth and the production values are top of the line.  Would definitely recommend this experience to any director, especially considering how close they are to NYC!” Christopher Spaulding

CTC Judge

Such a great venue – your students and parents were all so wonderful! New York was so good for our kids to get to experience – just made for an outstanding trip!  Great food too!!!!! David Fehr

Clinton Attaché, Director

So thankful to have found such an incredible venue to compete at so we could sell our school on our NY trip. Wonderful people, perfect equipment gym, incredible atmosphere – almost perfect – oops, our southern folk had no idea what hit them to load the truck afterwards in 15 degree temperature – ha! We went to WalMart and bought gloves, scarves, hats (Star Wars was in).

Most grateful for an absolutely wonderful time and performance experience! David Fehr

Clinton Attaché Director

I was judging at the Daniel Hand competition in Connecticut for Ron Soja and Greg Bubba Bussiere, and they agreed to let me and Claudine Fasano promote Thirst Project throughout the day, to help raise money for people dying without clean water. We were able to go onstage 3 times and talk to the nearly 2,000 people in attendance about the global water crisis, and share a bit of our story. Before the final awards were announced, I went walking through the crowd for about 10 minutes carrying a huge glass jug, collecting donations. Between a 50/50 raffle, and the generous outpouring of everyday people, we were able to raise over $400 (that’s 16 people in Swaziland who will get clean water for life!)

Also, I woke up Saturday morning at 3 a.m. with the first case of horrible stomach flu I’ve had in over 5 years! (don’t worry, not contagious unless through saliva contact, and I didn’t kiss a single person!!!) The Daniel Hand people were THE BEST! They ran and got 4 quarts of gatorade…they got immodium…they brought me fruit smoothies…and I was probably asked 30 times by the hosts and sweet judging panel “Are you doing ok?”…”What can we get you?”…”Are you gonna make it?”….”Doing any better?”…”If you can’t make it and have to go back to the hotel, that’s okay”…..One awesome mom even said, “We LOVE having you here so much Damon. We hope this flu won’t make you think badly of our contest and not wanna come back!” ARE YOU KIDDING?!?!?! To be honest, their prayers, kindness, compassion and generosity largely helped me get through a day of 15 hours of judging successfully, when I didn’t think I was gonna make it without collapsing:-)

Well done, Daniel Hand! If anybody is looking for a contest that is well-run, caring, celebrates students, and has really great and attentive staff, put this baby on your calendar!

  Damon Brown

CTC 2017 Judge

I had such a blast at the first ever CT Classic. If you are looking for a well run contest that is affordable for your kids and accessible to fun activities like the beach AND New York City, it’s perfect. Ron and Bubba made sure we were so well taken care of upon our arrival until the minute we left. Sound and lighting were phenomenal, I don’t think you can wrong with this New England gem! Victoria Burns

Choreographer and Clinician

@DanielHandVibe thanks for an amazing #CTClassic your hosts, staff and volunteers were polite and helpful! Can’t wait for next year! SBRHS Show Choirs


My students and I had a great time at CtClassic, we didn’t even feel we were at a competition. My students kept on saying we have to come back next year, we had so much fun!! Great Job! Survey Responder

This was by far the best show choir festival I have ever attended! Friendly people, beautiful facilities and a fun experience all around! Survey Responder

The clinicians for the clinics were positive and full of energy. They were very knowledgeable and gave my groups great feed back and gave us ideas for improvement that were tangible and relevant. Becky Bussiere

Director of Illusion, T-Tones

Daniel Hand students made my students feel welcome! Back stage crew was awesome, they never get enough credit! Donald Legge

Director of Whitman-Hanson "High Frequency"

From the moment we arrived at our beautiful, New England-style Bed and Breakfast, the judges were treated magnificently! The attention to detail Ron and Bubba showed in making us, and all the participants, feel special, was an incredible blessing and so very appreciated. Parent volunteers and judge hosts were the best, and there was never a moment of our stay where I had anything but a spectacular experience!!! VERY hard to believe this was your first rodeo… was awesome! God bless and thank you so very much…..I WANNA COME BACK!! Damon Brown

Choreographer and adjudicator

Having a blast @DanielHandVibe judging the first annual #CTClassic. The northeast is throwing down some awesome Showchoir today! BwayShowchoirConnect


The Daniel Hand parent volunteers and students were extremely helpful and proactive in helping us navigate the school, using the elevator, help an injured student. Alyssa Navarro

Director of Waltham "Music Unlimited"

The staff of the CTClassic was amazing! They were knowledgable and friendly. The first CTClassic ran as though they had been hosting this show for years. A great experience! Sam Bianco

Director of Amplified and Electrify

This festival has a top notch crew and staff to ensure your performance is all it can be. It was a great experience, very organized and professional. Jereme Martineau

Director of South Windsor High School